Homesafe, helping over 60s live the debt free way.

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Over the last 12 years we have assisted thousands of over 60s to find a comfortable retirement.

Homesafe is not a loan or a reverse mortgage.

We enable you to sell a capped share of the future value of your home, and we will provide a lump sum cash amount for that share today. You remain the legal owner of your home, and you choose when to sell your home. The share you sell is capped, so you always know what share you will retain.

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Who is Homesafe?

Homesafe can help you find financial independence when you want it most.

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Are you asset rich and cash poor?

Don't want to downsize? Do you wonder how you will find the money you need in retirement?

 What if you could access the wealth locked in your home without debt or needing to sell?

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