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Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd is the provider of a debt free equity release solution for older Australians to access the wealth tied up in their homes without the need to downsize.

Step 1

You enter into a Homesafe Contract to sell a share of the future sale proceeds of your home. Homesafe is not entitled to anything more than this agreed share and will only receive its share when you sell your home, or when your home is sold after the death of the surviving party to the Homesafe Contract.

In exchange for selling Homesafe an agreed share, you receive an upfront cash amount on entering into the Homesafe Contract. The cash you receive is less than the 'face value' of the share you sell to Homesafe due to the valuable entitlements you retain for life.

Step 2

Step 3

When your home is eventually sold, you or your estate will be entitled to the share of the sale proceeds not sold to Homesafe, and depending on when your home is sold and for what value, you may be entitled to an Early Sale Rebate.  




We have assisted thousands of over 60s, to find a comfortable retirement


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Homesafe provides peace of mind in retirement

It is not a loan or reverse mortgage

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Live out your life in your home, or sell when you decide

You can rent out your home and retain the income

No requirement to sell your home if you move into aged care

You can buy back the sold share at any time

Access any amount between $25,000 and $1,000,000*

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The smart way to access the wealth in your home, without needing to sell your home or going into debt.